Fischer gives Muslims a Choice; Convert or Die

“The only thing that will give us a shot at building a democracy in an Islamic land is a mass conversion of its people to biblical Christianity.”

If you just watched the video above, I hope it genuinely shocked and saddened you.

Extreme rightism is a very scary thing and these days the US also seems to also be a scary place, speaking from a liberal European perspective. A radicalization of Islam has undeniably happened over the past few decades, but the ongoing radicalizing Christian conservative fear-mongering in the US is to me just as unnerving, expressions of it ranging from popular phenomena like the Tea Party and the ”Birther movement” to the assassination-attempt on senator Gabrielle Giffords in January. Another sad thing is, if Bryan Fischer was a Muslim instead of a Christian we would probably be using his comments to justify society’s paranoia of Islam instead of giving him money and equipping him with his own radio show. Christian and Muslim extremism are supposedly two opposites, yet the rhetoric and the hate is all the same.

I understand that the vast majority of Americans also distance themselves from extremism, just as only a very small minority among Muslims are extremists. But when I consider that there are in fact people who see the views expressed by Bryan Fischer as being just and blameless, I feel ashamed on their behalf.

When it comes to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, the conservative Christian group classified as a hate group by the SPLC, all you can do is brace yourself for the next time he spews out something offensive. He is certainly no stranger to criticism. No wonder, when you consider he has previously stated that “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler … and 6 million dead Jews”. Fischer has also claimed that the clause in the First Amendment of the US Constitution providing free exercise of religion only applies to Christians, making it a mystery why there is such a clause in the first place. In February he stated that the “savagery and sexual immorality of Native Americans” made them “morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil” as if the European colonizers were on a moral high ground, and only a month ago he made this ridiculously racial bomb comment:

“Welfare has destroyed the African-American family by telling young black women that husbands and fathers are unnecessary and obsolete … Welfare has subsidized illegitimacy by offering financial rewards to women who have more children out of wedlock. We have incentivized fornication rather than marriage, and it’s no wonder we are now awash in the disastrous social consequences of people who rut like rabbits.”

But let’s get back to the video at hand and the claim that Muslims must be converted to Christianity before democratization is possible. I have said before that I very much distrust the notion of Islam somehow being less compatible with democracy than Christianity. I simply see no fundamental difference between the two religions that can justify this view (you are welcome to argue against me). For some mysterious reason however, Fischer seems to take for granted that Islam and democracy are wholly incompatible. He seems to ignore the fact that there are several democracies, and successful ones, in Muslim majority countries. Did he decide to just skip Turkey, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Mali? Notice he at the same time failed to mention that there are Christian countries that have authoritarian or hybrid regimes as well, such as Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Cuba, Ethiopia and the Congos, just to mention a few examples.

Perhaps someone should inform Fischer that with the successful revolution in Egypt in February 72 million Egyptian Muslims were cheering a new political order – not a new state religion.


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6 responses to “Fischer gives Muslims a Choice; Convert or Die

  1. F_Le_Rulz

    Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy. It chills me to the bone that someone can say something like this and still claim to be a Christian. However, I do believe that most people are too smart to believe that vitriol that spews out from rightwingers, so I’m clinging onto that hope.

  2. I have the feeling that some might have a disturbing waking up when they will visualise their life and the so called last judgement might be their own self understanding suddenly the whole picture.
    Their need for dominance shows their lack of real self acceptance . Their pseudo humble hypocrite finger pointing omnipotence participation to some self projected authority, is telling how they choose delusion and want to impose them on all other human, to reinforce their own conviction to be right as individuum and group. Bigotry is a form of arrogant avoidance of the own natural compassion. Those dogmatic megalomaniacs lost in punitive concepts who insist with violence to be right, avoid to simply be human. Testosterone addiction is not spiritual love.

    • As much as I dislike quoting this guy, he obviously does have an idea that most people consider him a lunatic and a bigot. Yet, he can’t take any criticism and consider it like a normal person. Defending his absurd views that Muslims are stupider than everybody else because of inbreeding, he also said this a week ago:
      “It’s just a plain fact. You can’t argue with it, it’s just simply the truth. And you get hammered for saying it, but that’s because the truth has now become hate speech, the truth has now become bigotry.”

      This is certainly arrogance, no?

  3. The problem is that the think well puritanism of political correctness leads to his opposite, as the nature of the human does not like repression.
    Means, some who are not able to have a thoughtful critic towards it, can be attracted by a false liberation through a language who pretends to not care about imposed limits. The false promise of liberation through the psychopathic language who attracts the repressed petit bourgeois has been well described by many authors.
    Authoritarian cliches colporteurs grow like mushrooms on neuroses of people repressed through bigotry and missing of cultivation who have learned to replace their feeling of inner confusion with superficial propaganda.
    When people get educated that inferiority complexes resulting of the class division who is neglected, gets “solved” by the distraction of a war against a common enemy “outside” , it should not be a surprise that this kind of superficial “solution” appears the fastest coming to their mind . Not to forget a myth legitimating the violent behaviour towards the indigenous population from those pious zealots who expected oversea more freedom for their cults and the actual decline of the imperialistic control aims on global resources “needed” for the perpetuation of a certain way of life .
    A paranoid society lost in glitter success mirrors and false promises of eternal grandeur is bound to need scapegoats .

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