3 responses to “About

  1. Marlin

    Interesting blog, unusual and exciting, keep up the good work! 😀

  2. John Wang-Fitzpatrick

    Hi, I find your blog very good. I live in Australia now after some years in China and SE Asia. I am 57, a writer, and also I work in nursing in End of Life Care. I have had a long interest in China and in Korea and I find the information and the perspective you present as very refreshing and so free of the usual ‘they should do this, they should do that’ of the west. Having lived in China for awhile, the experience of this remarkable civilisation is still with me. The scale of people and the scale of change alters all perceptions. With DPR Korea, well, they have a hard road whichever way they go, or if they stay still. They have to work out what is best for them. I wish them well. Best wishes, John.

    • Hello John! Thank you for commenting. I am really happy that you find it interesting. I find your blog really refreshing as well. I am very interested in the issues that you write about, and I think we share a lot of views.

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