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A Note: On How the System Perpetuates Itself

A very blue–eyed BBC–reporter asked his friend recently about the corruption. Hadn’t the system now reached a point where it had become unsustainable? Couldn’t everybody see the discrepancy, between the ministers’ meagre salaries, and the palaces they lived in? Weren’t the people ready to confront the system, which was leaking oil revenue from the state treasury like through a sieve? His friend, a regular Lagosian working man, looked at him with dismay. ‘No’, he asserted. ‘… Yes’, he admitted, reluctantly. Then he explained. ‘This may be the feeling of the regular Nigerian. He feels, it may be his turn tomorrow to have the opportunity to dip his hands into the treasuries’. The driver nodded to this in acknowledgement. ‘I won’t lie to you. That’s the fact, my brother. I might be the next lucky man’.


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