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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity

I work part time at a second hand shop, and one time I was pricing books that had come in I came across a book from 2006: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. It stated such abhorring claims that I looked over my shoulder to check that my boss wasn’t there before I threw it in the bin. I later found out about the controversy it caused. The idea has been swirling around in my head for a while to make a Christian/Western version of the cover, and now I finally got down to doing it. The reason why politics and religion are mixed, are simply a because it is too often mixed when talking about Islam. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

(PS: Sorry about the quality, it’s the first time I make something like this. I got the images from here and here, and I used Picnic and GIMP to create the image)


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Western “propaganda”?

Though most Westerners would undoubtedly reject the idea, there is a conception at the political level in many non-Western countries, notably China, that the role of propaganda in the West is just as important as anywhere else. It is just very subtle, and much more successful.

But is this idea really so ridiculous? Certainly, Western media lack many of the characteristics that we associate with propaganda. (Just to be clear, in China propaganda is not a negatively loaded word.) By contrast, the West has a free press that is not controlled by any one centralized power or strict ideology. There is unhindered discussion and debate. But there are, many will argue, many strong consensuses, as well as a desire to conform to political correctness. Does this, without us noticing, mean that media installs us with biases and presuppositions?


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China and the Chinese

Media today is falling over itself to provide information on the new kid on the block, but here’s a commendable relic from a time when China was not much noticed by the Western world. Mind you this is from 1902, on a series of lectures by Herbert Allen Giles on China and the Chinese, which I think everybody should enjoy and read or, if you prefer, listen to. If you’re not too interested you’d might want to skim through some of the drier language related parts, but in any case this is remarkably well-written.

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‘Modernity’ and ‘Development’ ?

The term eurocentrism is one that emerged in the period of decolonisation, defined as viewing the world from a European perspective, with all the baggage and implications that comes with. Accusations have flown, and I’m sure you’re no stranger to many of them. Blah, blahblando. This is old news, and I won’t bore you by talking about it in detail. One argument that still has a lot going for it though is that the Western world is still obsessed with this idea that only it knows what ‘modernity’ and ‘development’ is, and what the right way of going about achieving it is.

First of all, ‘development’ can only be good. Further, ‘development’ contains not only infrastructure and economic development and such things, but also ideological changes which comply with Western doctrine (duh). There is also an idea that other countries can only develop in the same direction as the Western states have done in the past!

Do you see any potential problems with this thinking?

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